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Pre-Retirees are those who are 5-10 years out from retirement. If you don’t already have a solid financial plan in place, now is the time. There are many specific strategies that are most powerful when implemented in the years before retirement that can make a difference in the level of comfort you have in retirement.

Remember: Retirement is not an age, it’s a financial number. It’s important to take specific financial steps now to make sure you get on solid financial ground well before your upcoming retirement. 

Helping Pre-Retirees organize their financial life by building a plan to meet their short-term and long-term goals is our specialty! But what does that even mean?

At Worthen Financial Advisors, we help Pre-Retirees:

  1. Get organized, so you can make the most financial impact during these final working years

  2. Come up with a plan to pay off debt before retirement, if needed

  3. Pair the optimal investment  account types to your goals (High Yield Savings Account, IRA, ROTH IRA, 401k/403B/457, Brokerage, etc)

  4. Match your investments to your changing risk tolerance 

  5. Implement or fine-tune strategies now to minimize your lifetime tax liability


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