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Financial Planning

When choosing a financial advisor, sharing a common set of principles and beliefs is critical to a successful long-term relationship. Your financial plan is as individual as you. Incorporating the assessment areas below allows a thorough analysis and a refined focus of your plan so that we can assist you in reaching your personal goals and objectives. Your plan will be regularly updated at our bi-annual reviews to ensure it keeps pace with your life.

Investment Management

We will work with you to form a robust investment plan to guide you (and us) as we build and maintain your portfolio that aligns with your risk tolerance and specific goals.

Our portfolios primarily consist of low cost, diversified, tax efficient mutual funds, ETF’s and individual bonds.

Learn more about our Evidence-Driven Investment philosophy here.

Retirement Planning

Financial independence in retirement is the biggest goal our clients share, and one that requires careful planning. Retirement planning includes projections on the likelihood of achieving a financial goal(s).

Tax Planning Strategies

Disregarding tax planning can be one of the quickest ways to erode the gains from an otherwise solid financial plan. That’s why we are laser-focused on minimizing your lifetime tax liability as part of your overall financial planning picture. Since taxes touch almost every element of wealth management – from investment strategies to planning for your retirement and legacy – effective tax planning is one of the most important ways to increase the chances of meeting your broader life goals.  

We’ll help shape your financial picture with smarter, more tax-efficient strategies.

Estate Planning and Charitable Giving

Your financial plan includes an analysis of your exposure to estate taxes and your current estate plan, including whether you have a will, powers of attorney, trusts, and other related documents. We will assess ways to minimize or avoid estate taxes by implementing appropriate estate planning and charitable giving strategies.

Employee Benefits

We will offer to review your employee benefits annually during Open Enrollment to make sure you opt in to everything you need and nothing you don’t. We will also offer advice on your employer-sponsored retirement plan, deferred compensation, stock options and any other benefits that may be available.

Risk Management

A risk management review includes an analysis of exposures to significant risks that could adversely impact your financial picture, such as premature death, disability, property and casualty losses, or the need for long-term care planning. We’ll discuss ways to minimize such risks, determine what you should cover with insurance and which risks you can afford to self-insure.

Cash Flow Analysis and Debt Management

We will review ways to maximize your income. For instance, we might recommend prioritizing how any excess income should be used, or how to reduce expenses if they exceed income. If applicable, we will help you come up with a debt repayment strategy.

We will also make recommendations for your emergency fund and chart a path to achieve your financial goals. 

Education Planning

We will project the pot of money needed to provide your loved one with the education you have in mind (in state, out of state, private, public), savings strategies, and the “pros-and-cons” of various college savings vehicles available. 

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Support Documents:

We collect information regularly throughout the year from you that we use to update your plan. This serves as the basis for regular conversations regarding personal cash flow, financing, large financial transactions, investments, financial health and profitability, personal liquidity and risk management. As your circumstances and goals change, our system of proactive communication helps to ensure we remain well informed of these changes. You are welcome to call, email, or schedule meetings at your discretion for any questions outside of our bi-annual reviews. 

What To Bring Worksheet

Depending on the scope of the engagement, you may be asked to provide copies of the following documents early in the process: 

  • wills, codicils, and trusts 
  • insurance policies, including information about riders, loans, and amendments 
  • mortgage information 
  • tax returns 
  • student loans 
  • divorce decree or separation agreement 
  • current financial specifics including W-2s, 1099s, K-1 statements, etc. 
  • information on current retirement plans and other benefits provided by an employer 
  • statements reflecting current investments in retirement and non-retirement accounts 
  • employment or other business agreements


It is important that the information and/or financial statements provided to us are accurate.


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