Worthen Client Spotlight: Jason & Lisa M

Today we celebrate our clients Jason & Lisa M. We’ve asked them to share some lessons learned and insights about their financial journey with the aim of providing ideas and inspiration to others! 


About Us


Jason & Lisa M




Traveling and camping in our travel trailer.

Desired Retirement Age:

65 & 60


Project Manager with a Industrial Air Gas Company

Home Maker

Interview Questions:

What are some things you do or tools/resources you utilize that helps you control and manage your finances?

Made a budget and avoid emotional spending i.e. plan for large purchases.

Keep a budget, shop wisely, avoid spur of the moment spending

What do you know now you wish you could go back and tell “early you” about money?

Be more aggressive with 401k selection of investments funds.

Save and save some more

What financial advice do you live by? Who gave it to you?

Don’t try and keep up with others, live within your own boundaries.

What financial tips or suggestions would you share with someone who may need encouragement?

Make a budget and save first

What experiences have led you to where you are today?

Keep a steady job, the grass is not always greener at other companies.

Who has made a big impact on your life? Why?

Spouses, very grounded and lives simple, does not need extravagance

What is the biggest financial challenge you’ve had to overcome?

Making saving a priority

What steps did you take to overcome the challenge? Or, what do you wish you had done differently?

Made budget and put savings at the top of the list

What has surprised you the most along your financial journey so far?

We believe we have saved enough for a nice retirement.

What has been the low point on this journey for you?

Not saving enough early, some credit card debt early and not being aggressive enough with fund selection.

What advice would you give younger people or those just starting on their financial journey?

Budget with saving first and avoid significant debts.

How do you measure sucess?

Financially stable and able to enjoy our family travel trips.

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