Who We Serve

Widows and Widowers

For most of your adult life, you’ve had a built-in discussion partner. Now you’ve got decisions to make and want to make sure you can maintain your lifestyle.  Family and friends mean well, but they all have different opinions on what you should do.

You would like an objective advisor to add to your team as a financial discussion partner, so you can live the life you and your spouse envisioned.

At Worthen Financial Advisors:

  1. We help you make smart decisions about your money by acting as your personal Chief Financial Officer

  2. We help you with education and retirement planning

  3. We help you maximize your income

  4. We help you mitigate taxes

  5. We help you take care of your heirs

  6. To the extent that you are charitable, we help you magnify your gifts


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WHAT TO EXPECT: We’ll simply chat and get to know each other for about an hour. I’ll tell you about our firm and what we do, then ask you some easy questions. It could be the easiest life changing step you may have taken in a long time!


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