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Reaching Financial Independence and Retiring Early (FIRE) is no easy feat, but it’s possible! It takes careful planning and commitment. Retiring early sounds nice, but just dreaming of it doesn’t make it happen.

The FIRE lifestyle has gained popularity over the past couple of decades, especially after COVID forced us all to stay home and quarantine for months. Many people used that time to evaluate what they truly want out of life and consider how to live life with more intention.

If you fall into that category, we can help you get organized, clarify your goals and hold you accountable to those goals to keep your life moving forward.

At Worthen Financial Advisors we’re dedicated to guiding you through this “abnormal” or “weird” lifestyle. We’ll be your discussion partner and help steer clear of any decisions that will derail you from your plan. Together, we will help you reach your FIRE goals.

At Worthen Financial Advisors:

  1. We help you make smart decisions about your money by acting as your personal Chief Financial Officer

  2. We help you with education and retirement planning

  3. We help you maximize your income

  4. We help you mitigate taxes

  5. We help you take care of your heirs

  6. To the extent that you are charitable, we help you magnify your gifts


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